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Supporting you to navigate change and evolve into the best version of yourself…one step at a time 


Bring to life the power within yourself!


It is no accident nor coincidence you’ve landed on this website at this very moment in your life. You see…your thoughts, emotions, and state of being always bring you exactly where you need to be, to the people and places you need to meet and be. We are powerful manifesters, we are powerful spiritual beings having human lives.

It is for this reason, that I created this tinee-tiny space…to be found by you.

Unlock your story


Unveiling your life purpose

As I entered my coaching journey, I learned that my life purpose is to be a catalyst, to be a bridge for people. I discovered that as I coach, I connect a person a bit more to their true essence, their true selves. I learned that exponential healing and insight can also happen by just being able to fill in the blanks after the words “I am.” And why is that important? Well…because when we keep discovering, peeling the layers of who we truly are, we also realize that we bring those gifts into the world. And… as we spread that specialness, those unique superpowers into the world, we find fulfillment. We find happiness. We find our life’s purpose. And, through that life’s purpose, we contribute in ginormous ways to our collective evolution.


Hi, I'm Alis Marachelian

My story started with two special spirits that created me, my mother and father. They are the pillars of my life and my biggest fans in this world (in spite of witnessing my inner dragon-lady come out for mischief from time to time!). My gratitude to them is perpetual and eternal. I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, even though I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I continued growing up in the Boston area, Watertown to be precise, and continued to get younger by the minute since 1999 in the Washington DC metro area. Such is the life of a proud Diasporan Armenian.

For 25 years, I breathed, spoke, and inspired a career in Public Health with all its glamour of Masters degree and all its heartaches and headaches. I learned leadership, the importance of a balanced life, and that relationships matter more than we think they do. When I turned 40 (exact same day!), I became a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach. As such, in my “day-job”
I now have a deeply fulfilling role being a catalyst for leadership learning and development, as well as creating a solid pipeline of future leaders at an exponentially growing family healthcare center.

Being a “third culture kid” has given me a keen understanding of changing world affairs and mindful cultural humility. I am a well-anchored optimist and believe that life needs to be lived out loud. I long to always work in synergy with people who want to leave this world a lot better than how they found it.

And, yes, as if all this wasn’t fun enough… I have many deep friendships locally and around the globe, hobbies related to art, theater, music, improv (-isation) comedy, travel, Zumba, and know who has the best menus in town during restaurant week.

This is me in a nutshell. This is me knowing the world is my oyster.





Exploring fulfillment and self discovery through coaching

We tend to “glamourize” life purpose as if it’s an unattainable thing for everyone, something reserved for monks in a monastery, or gurus with a podcast. We tend to aim for the most complex definition of what fulfills us, when the answer might be right in front of us and written in just one syllable or sentence.

I think coaching is for everyone. I may not be everyone’s Coach, but I sure hope we can have a conversation and explore, if so, through a discovery session. I’m surrounded by a fantastic network of specialized coaches, and if for some reason I’m not the coach for you, I will do my best to connect you to the one who is for you. I’m a catalyst and bridge, remember?

I hope you find our interactions, conversations, blog stories, courses, and future planned events will activate a part of you that has been longing to come out to play, come out for air, and just to come out and scream… I am here! I know who I am! I know what I’m doing!

Exploring fulfillment and self discovery

Ready to make a change?